Support ~ making funeral arrangements

Arranging a funeral

For the initial meeting to discuss funeral arrangements please contact us to make an appointment. If you are unable to get to our offices we are happy to make these funeral arrangements in the comfort of your own home.

How to arrange a funeral can be a daunting experience but we will do everything that we can to support you through it. When you come to making funeral arrangements we will need to ask you a number of key questions, some of which we have listed below. In our experience, people who have thought in advance about these questions are better prepared and are often able to complete the procedure without the need for further consultation with other family members which only adds unnecessary stress at this difficult time.

Did your loved one have a Golden Charter Funeral Plan with A & A Walters?
Will the service include cremation or burial?
What type of service would you like?
Would you like limousines to accompany the hearse?
Do you wish to have the funeral arrangements announced in the press?
Would you like us to arrange floral tributes?
Would you like us to design personalised Order of Service?
What music and/or hymns would you like during the service?
Do you have any special requests?