Services ~ funeral cars

Traditional or Modern funeral cars...

Whether you prefer a horse-drawn hearse, the vintage look or modern elegance with our own fleet of luxury Jaguar XJ Hearses and Limousines, we can accommodate every taste.

Our XJ Hearses & Limousines

Horse Drawn Hearse...

We were one of the first local funeral directors to re-introduce the horse-drawn hearse, returning to our roots with the very traditional and striking look of the Victorian funeral procession. This stunning hearse, complete with etched glass windows has become very popular and is a fitting tribute to a loved one. 

Horse-Drawn Hearse

Jaguar or Vintage Hearse...

To compliment the horse-drawn hearse we can provide either a Jaguar XJ motorised hearse or our unique vintage style hearse as a flower hearse on all horse-drawn funeral processions at a reduced cost (subject to availability.) 

Our Vintage style Hearse

We have both a black and white hearse with matching horses. A four horse cortege is also available upon request.

Jaguar vehicles at Walters

Our vintage hearse is unique to A & A Walters and is not available elsewhere.

Should you require an alternative, then please ask - past requests have included a VW camper hearse, flat bed vintage lorry and motorcycle and side-car hearse.